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The Lakers took to the court Saturday afternoon to take on the high powered offense of the Denver Nuggets, and unlike the previous 4 games, this time they had their anchor in the middle: ANDREW BYNUM. And oh what an impact the InCredible Bynum made scoring 29pts/13rbs/2blks. It’s funny because the first question that came from analysts after seeing Bynum’s season debut was, “do Laker fans still want to trade Bynum?” Read the rest of this entry »

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HaHaHa..I was waiting for this. Someone to come out with a theme song for the new look LA Clippers. Well Young Money strikes again, this time in the form of Tyga, and drops Lob City (LA Clippers Theme Song). I must admit, watching the Clippers do they thang is exciting, but as a Laker fan, we all know until they can win 16…Lakers still the big brother in LA, ah but it makes the rivalry that much better. Read the rest of this entry »


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WOW and so it ends, all the turmoil, the leagues posturing and grandstanding, by vetoing a trade that would have placed Chris Paul into a Lakers jersey, has seen instead him become a cross the hall rival, as a LA CLIPPER. I have never been a sore loser on any level, but it’s the way the league orchestrated this deal. Kind of reminds me of the episode on the Cosby Show, where Vanessa brought home Dabness to meet her parents…as Cliff said, “she brought you here on a garbage can lid.” That’s the way I look at how the league conducted this Chris Paul situation..placed steak & potatoes on a garbage can lid. But nonetheless, Chris Paul is a Clipper, and it will make for some great across the hall rivalry..well not really because by the time the Clippers catch this thing up, my grandkids will be telling their kids about it. But check out the official story here.

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Justin Bieber released his new video featuring Boyz II Men for the acapella version of Fa La La off of his new Christmas Album: Under The Mistletoe.

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I guess Jim Buss finally woke up, and understood the dynamics of the words: BYNUM IS UNTOUCHABLE. What made that happen? Orlando’s Otis Smith stated that he is open to hearing all offers for it’s all-star center…and now Mitch Kupchack has the right piece to throw there way. Honestly I believe that Bynum has had all the major surgery he will require for the rest of his career, and you cannot deny his talent, or work ethic..except for waiting to get surgery too late last season, but hey I chalk that up to immaturity, versus work ethic.

But seriously what does this mean for the Lakers? It’s the possibility of bringing Kobe Bryant together with another version of “Superman”..but this one actually respects him and wants to play with him. Like Kobe who has modeled so much of his game after his idol, Michael Jordan, with the rings to match…Dwight Howard (even if he never says it) is ready to do the same thing…and acquire the bling to match. I believe he wants to do it while he knows Kobe still has that fire in his belly to get it done. Read the rest of this entry »

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So Snoop Dogg, YG, & Nipsey Hussel give you a taste of that LA flow on Drakes hot new joint: The Motto (LA Remix). Check it out.

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[Sports] Los Angeles Sparks Finally Fire Jennifer Gillom


Finally,finally,finally…the LA Sparks have fired coach Jennifer Gillom. Now let me put this disclaimer out…it’s not entirely her fault that the Sparks are in this position of continuing to be winless on the road, with All-Star Candace Parker being side lined by a tear of the meniscus it has been rough!
Now on to the real. In the 4 games since Parker has been side lined, the Sparks have generally been leading going into half-time, or very close..but the 3rd quarter has cost them dearly. And the game vs Seattle was no different.

Jen Gillom started this game with the most controversial line up the Sparks organization has possibly ever seen, with the wnba’s all time leading scorer, and the all time assist leader: On the bench! Now I’m all for shaking things up but that was the dumbest move I have seen a professional coach make (this season lol)! The benching obviously took it’s toll on Thompson, after sitting the ENTIRE 1st quarter, the All-Star was definitely off her game, with an air ball and subsequent turn-overs! The only bright spot in last nights roster change was the rookie Jantel Lavendar proved why she should be in the starting line up, with 21pts/9rbs the rookie had her way. Honestly I think she could have done even more if the coach thought to give her REST. SMH

Well now the Sparks have promoted Joe”Jelly Bean” Bryant to head coach for his 2nd stint with the team. I think this is a good move by the front office. I can’t wait till Tuesday when the Sparks play San Antonio. I want to see the Sparks team of old when the pride jumps in when playing a rival. I loved the Lisa Leslie/Lauren Jackson rivalry…(LJ was the happiest to see LL retire). Am I the only one who remember the pain of watching Sophia Young get the last laugh vs Candace Parker (the closest she has ever come to getting to the finals). Where is the heart?!!

Kristi Toliver showed it in the game against Phoenix…I need to see more of it! A word to Joe Bryant don’t bench Tina Thompson!

Starting Lineup
PG Ticha P
SG Kristi T
SF Tina Thompson
C. Jantel Lavendar

Give Pringle more time off the bench as well! Ohea is a specialist so use her as relief.

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Ron Artest, one of the most out-going sports figure I have known, broke his silence on why the name change to Metta World Peace and how he feels about Brian Shaw not getting the Lakers head coaching job.

“I changed my name because I got tired of Ron Artest, he’s a [expletive],” said Metta World Peace. “And when fans get mad at me, they can’t say, ‘I hate World Peace.’ ”

Now every since Ron..uh Metta became a Laker, he has been on a mission to change the public’s perception of who they think he is, based off the incident in Detroit. He has hired a therapist to help him to control his emotions, he has always been there for his community and helping disadvantage youth have an opportunity to go to college. Now he has taken it a step further. I have alway been a believe that what you “call” a thing is the roll it would accept and become, well let’s see how this name change goes for Metta. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tonight is opening night for the WNBA. The spotlight will be on one game in particular…uh no it’s not the defending champs…Seattle Storm along with the MVP of the league Lauren Jackson…it’s the Los Angeles Sparks vs the Minnesota Lynx. Both teams have underachieved in recent years, with Minny having some of the most talented players collectively, and LA boasting the leagues most prominent names in the 3 olympians (Parker,Thompson,Milton-Jones). Neither of the teams have been close to championship form, since ’08, which was Parker’s rookie season. In 2008, with a shoulder that attempted to fail her twice in her NCAA run for her 2nd title, she Rookie of the Year, and MVP of the league(1st time anyone ever did it in the same year). Now after two disappointing seasons, Candace is back!!! Yes she is back physically, and most importantly with that WIN MENTALITY. And boy does she need it this season now more than ever. Because the swagger level just went up 5 notches. In walks one of the most heralded women players since..uh Parker herself (if we talking recent), and her name is MAYA MOORE.
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Wow, this is sad news for women sports all around the world. Ex-Wnba All-Star Margo Dydek, died today at the age of 37. The 7’2 center, was pregnant with her 3rd child when she collasped last week in her home. She subsequently lost her unborn child, and today all fans of women basketball has lost a great player. R.I.P.


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