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Kobe Bryant has not held back about how he feels concerning Lamar Odom being traded to Dallas, but he also has not held back on putting the pressure on 2nd year forward Devin Ebanks. After checking out the practice report on the Lakers official site, Bryant made it clear who would be getting the most of Odoms minutes coming off of the bench, and that would be Ebanks. After a judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to charge this young man with rape, I’m sure he is ready to focus on basketball. All the Laker fans cannot help but notice his striking resemblance of former Laker Trevor Ariza. Remember fans we didn’t know that Trevor would end up being as good as he is..but everyone needs their turn. Now it’s Ebanks. Read the rest of this entry »

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This is getting more and more confusing by the minute. It’s like just when I get use to one thing, something new comes along. Ah I know what Lamar Odom was feeling. But unlike Lamar, I understand this is the nature of the business, and I must know and always understand, that as a fan of the NBA, more specifically the Los Angeles Lakers, that things change. So my motto is (at least until Jerry Buss is no longer breathing) that I will #TrustInBuss. Well as far as basketball is concerned. Over the last 30 years I have seen the Lakers win 10 championships, and accomplish countless other feats, all in the midst of controversy and sometimes turmoil. They are known as winners. Anyone who say they are a Lakers fan, would never question that aspect of the organization. Read the rest of this entry »

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Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom was involved in a car accident in Queens NY. There are several different media outlets reporting the story, so it’s hard to know what really happened. But according to ESPN LOS ANGELES, Odom was a passenger in the car that hit a motocylist. Khloe was said not to be in the car with her husband at the time of the incident as MediaTakeOut had earlier reported. Lamar Odom was being driven around by a car service according to TMZ…that sounds more like it, since all throughout there reality show, KHLOE & LAMAR, I never saw Lamar drive, he always had a driver. The 15 yr. old boy was said to be seriously injured, and another person was injured as well. Lamar was said not to be physically injured in the accident but shaken up.

I pray that those injured will have a speedy recovery…and also that Lamar, himself, is not involved in any lawsuit being that he was NOT driving the car, and it seems the people who own the car service would be the ones at fault. I’m just saying!

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Lakers Offer Lamar Odom to Sixers?


The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to add some youth to the roster, and with swing man Iguadala becoming available in Philadelphia, they serve up the leagues 6th man of the year, Lamar Odom along with the leagues worst contract Luke Walton. Honestly this offer may be more about getting rid of the Walton contract than giving up Lamar. As much as I love the fact that Lamar wanted to retire a Laker, his run may be up with the purple and gold, and getting Iggy would be a good move for the Lakers. The fact that Kobe loves A.I. It should be a good fit. But the painful part is placing Lamar in Philadelphia just about ends his career. Speak up Lakernation.

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