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Monica does it again. On her 31st birthday, the R/B diva released her new video for her lead single: Until It’s Gone, off of her upcoming album, New Life. The video is definitely an attention grabber, as Monica nabs actor Brian White, and actress Melinda Williams to play dramatic roles of a cheating boyfriend, a woman who stayed too long. Monica however is that one friend who told her, she should leave him. This only makes my wait for her new album, which is tentatively slated to be released December 13, that much more anticipated. Check out the video and click the link to cop the new single. Read the rest of this entry »

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Melanie Fiona just released the visual for her hot new single: 4AM, which will be on her sophmore album: The MF Life. One thing I love about Melanie is that she pulls you right into the emotion of the song with her. I love how the video plays out, although this is the edited version. But ladies I know you know how it feels to call your man at a time you know he should be answering the phone and it goes straight to voice mail…smh. LOL

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Bigg “Vic” Newton, So So Def’s producer, sat down with his lovely wife and had a great conversation concerning if Men can handle platonic relationships with females? Please check it out, and go subscribe to their youtube.

This is a topic that myself and the wifey were discussing that comes up every now and again in relationships. So we decided to openly discuss it in this Vlog. Married Men Women Friends can we handle it fellas? I think so… Comment, share your thoughts on the issue. AND BEWARE OF THE FOOT DRAGONS LOL

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Will and Jada Smith Separated?


Please say it isn’t so. In Touch Weekly has reported that they have a very “reliable” source stating that Will And Jada have separated. Twitter has been ablaze on the subject since the word got out. The impact particularly it’s having on the African-American community is to be noticed. Reading tweets that basically are summed up by saying, if Will and Jada are divorcing then everyone needs to give up on marriage. I’m so thrown by that.

First let me say I pray that this is a horrible lie! Will and Jada have always managed to keep their private lives private except for the parts they agreed to share. They both have shared their nuggets of wisdom concerning marriage and relationships, but we all know that sometimes it’s not so easy to apply what you know when you are involved in the situation. But my prayers will be to lift them up anyway.

I hope that people will understand that it’s not Will and Jada they should be looking to but the ONE who holds the 3 strand in the chord better than anybody: GOD! I won’t say that the Smiths dabble into Scientology and other religious practices may have contributed to the “possibility” that this could be happening, or even that it lead to them seeing the sanctity of marriage and it’s foundation could be changed by allowing it to be “open” to others. Rather I would say that if this did turn out to be true..that people should never give up on marriage and relationships unless the FOUNDER breaks the foundation. And lucky for us, that’s not going to happen.

So join me in praying for the Smiths! Because they definitely have taken the time to invest a lot into the community, and sharing what they do know!


Via People
“Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false,” the couple said in a joint statement Tuesday. “We are still together, and our marriage is intact.”-Will and Jada Smith on the rumors that they have split!

Will’s son Trey also came on twitter and dispelled the rumors also.

“Did #WillandJada split? No they did NOT split! False information … its not true RETWEET!!!” Trey Tweeted. “Everyone can think what they want … even if its not true.”

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Okay I just love this poem right here. Please check out P4CM on youtube. Christian Poetry…I love it, is exactly where I’m at right now!

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As a woman growing up, I have never even considered dating outside of my ETHNIC GROUP…yes ethnic group people, it’s our ethnicity that’s different, there truly is only one race (the human race) well when it comes to Race is not the “color” of your skin, think of it like mammals, then there are groups of mammals, that are very distinct from one another. Ok, now back to what I was saying. I, as a 38 year old African American woman, have watched interracial dating become more and more prevalent amongst sisters. I mean the “men” were gone a long time ago. I use to be angry, with excuses like: Why are “we” good enough when a brother has nothing, but once he educates himself(with you right there helping him along the way), gets a decent paying job, etc…he chooses someone of a different ethnic group to call his wife? Or every time I turn on 106 & park, every video has light skin or exotic looking models (almost saying this is what beauty looks like) just like the standard that “white” america labeled as beautiful. Blah, Blah, Blah Read the rest of this entry »

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The points that Will makes are definitely good ones. I love when someone who continues to walk the walk, let’s others who desire what he has, know what it takes to have that.

Check it out right here. Read the rest of this entry »

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