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If you are basketball fan, then you have probably heard the news that UT Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt has been diagnosed with Dementia (early onset Alzheimers). But as we all know Pat Summitt, once she knows who the opponent is, is one of the best at divising a plan to defeat the opposition. This is not different at all. But her being the great woman she is, and going public with the news, put things in perspective for not only her fans around the world, but especially those she has impacted on a personal note, mainly players. Chamique Holdsclaw, who is one of the most decorated Lady Vols to come through Thompson Boiling Arena took time out to let the coach know exactly what she meant to her, and all the players, managers, staff etc who has come through the program. Check it out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well college basketball has officially started for my Lady Vols basketball team. After such a tumultuous summer, the announcement from Pat Summitt of being diagnosed with Dementia (early onset Alzheimers), to the transfer of Alyssia Brewer, the retirement of Kelly Cain, and Lauren Avant leaving to pursue a career a an Orthopedic doctor. No one, (except the true knew what they would see when opening day came. Well although the team seem to have a few jitters in the beginning, they were able to turn it on, and show what type of work they have been doing in the off season.

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After waking up to rumors of Will and Jada possibly have separated, to earthquakes in DC and Virginia, to listening to Hall of Fame coach Pat Summitt announce that she has been diagnosed with dementia (Alzheimer’s type). As a long-standing Lady Vols fan, this has hit like a ton of bricks. Watching all the love pour in from former players and coaches around the country, including Uconn’s Geno Auriemma, makes me face the possibility of Lady Vols without Pat earlier than I ever wanted to. At the young age of 59, this is not the news I thought I would be hearing concerning Pat Summitt. But just like the courageous coach who has done more for women basketball than anyone in the history of the sport, I am not going to be the one leading the “pity” party. Coach Summitt is not dying! This is just another obstacle she must face in her life, but because of her faith in God, I stand believing with her, that He has her best interest at heart, and I know He still in the healing business. So I say to coach Summitt and the Lady Vols family, time to strap up tight, because this is going to be a season to remember. The ladies have an even bigger motivation to get the job done, and I know that no one will give less than their best this season. Read the rest of this entry »

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