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Ah Brandy is back on her game. The singer/actress sits down with Wendy Williams and reveals that she is in love, misses her friendship with Kim Kardashian, and that her alter ego “Bran Nu” should have never came about. She’s back in the studio with her album possibly coming out in May, and soon we will see her back on the big screen in Tyler Perry’s new movie, THE MARRIAGE COUNSELOR. Check out the video below. Kudos to Brandy! I’m so ready for everything she has going on..oh yea Brandy has a recurring role on this season of B.E.T.’s The Game which premieres Tomorrow night on the network.

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The Lakers lost to the Sacramento Kings last night, 91-100. Here is my perspective.

The game vs the Bulls, was simply turnovers and free throws. This game vs the Kings showed more than ever that Mike Brown better start trusting Darius Morris/Andrew Goudelock soon, or else what Tyreke Evans did will be happening all season. I watched Derek Fisher and Steve Blake get scored on more than 10 times vs Evans, and it wasn’t pretty. Now I’m not here to take away from what Marcus Thorton did, but for everyone who thought Kobe guarded him the whole game, you need a replay..but the way “baby buckets” was shooting it really didn’t matter who was on him. Read the rest of this entry »

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Willow Smith debuted her brand new video for her hot new single, Fireball, featuring Nicki Minaj. The video was directed by Hype Williams, but definitely does not stray to far from a typical “rocnation” video. Check it out.

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Chris Paul could become a Laker this weekend. After Commissioner Stern vetoed the first trade, which would have sent Pau Gasol to the Rockets, Lamar Odom to the Hornets, along with Rockets Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, & Goran Dragic. Now I’m seeing that the Celtics have agreed to trade Jermaine Oneal to the Hornets (which he would actually become a Laker) to become a part of a package that the Lakers would send to Orlando in hopes of landing the 3 time Defensive Player of the year. I’m not sure what the Celtics would get back in return for him ( But seriously, I just want this deal to be done, because Lamar may not decide to recover from this, and I feel bad for Pau, but we all know this is part of the game.

The bottom line is this, Dwight Howard was pushing for a trade to New Jersey because the NBA nixed the Chris Paul trade. So it’s my belief that when he seen that, playing with Deron become his 2nd choice of pg’s to play with. But now that the trade is still possible, he got permission from Orlando to talk with the Lakers, (also the Mavs, & Nets), so we have to see what happens. But the truth is, I really don’t believe the Mavs have a true chance if they have to give up Jason Kidd, because Howard wants to play with an all-star caliber guard. Someone that can get him the ball in his comfortable spots. Chris Paul is definitely the one he would want to play with.

The Mavericks will sign Vince Carter to a 1yr deal, so I wonder will the Lakers take a look at Rip Hamilton, just to add depth to the roster? Because once the trades go down (if they go down) the bench will have to be revamped. Ah no sleep till the deal is done.

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Monica Brown stops by the Wendy Williams show to speak about pregnancy rumors, her marriage to LA Laker Shannon Brown, and her new album: New Life, which is due out in 2/12. I love Monica, still humble as ever. Thank God for celebrities like this. One thing I’m glad to see is that Vanessa Bryant (Kobe’s wife) was a bridesmaid in her wedding. Vanessa gets such a bad rap, so it’s good to see this relationship has taken place…And how can you NOT like Monica? So that’s just good to know. Check out the video.

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Tyler Perry has gotten a lot of negative feed back from his fan base, for casting Kim Kardashian in his next film: The Marriage Counselor. The movie mogul took to his website yesterday, and drafted a response to this fan base as to why he felt the need to give Kim the role, and is welcoming all responses, via his site. Check out what Tyler has to say. Read the rest of this entry »

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The #3 Tennessee Lady Vols took the court last night as they hosted #7 Miami and it’s high scoring duo, Shenise Johnson & Riquina Williams. The game started out like a track meet, and it held that pace for the majority of the game. With both teams opening the game up shooting lights out from beyond the arc, my head was spinning. But as the two teams settled into their offense more, I was more interested in how Tennessee would respond to adversity in this game. And I loved what I saw. After going into the half tied at 42, the Lady Vols came out on fire, being led by junior Taber Spani. The confidence level was up, and the tenacity was evident. Shekinna Stricklen, who was a no show in the first half made her presence known in the second, and the momentum was all Tennessee’s . Check out the highlights, and postgame comments from Coach Summitt, and Meighan Simmons, who by the way, came off the bench and scored 18pts. Oh wait how can I not say anything about our pg, Ariel Massengale..smh. Read the rest of this entry »

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Monica does it again. On her 31st birthday, the R/B diva released her new video for her lead single: Until It’s Gone, off of her upcoming album, New Life. The video is definitely an attention grabber, as Monica nabs actor Brian White, and actress Melinda Williams to play dramatic roles of a cheating boyfriend, a woman who stayed too long. Monica however is that one friend who told her, she should leave him. This only makes my wait for her new album, which is tentatively slated to be released December 13, that much more anticipated. Check out the video and click the link to cop the new single. Read the rest of this entry »

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R/B songstress Vesta Williams, was found dead in her California hotel room last night. It is being reported by TMZ that prescription pill bottles were found in the singers room, but they are unclear if this is the cause of death. At the moment, police are ruling out homicide, until the precise cause of death is found. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cool, calm, collected, and most importantly…FOCUSED. Those were the words I would have used to describe Candace Parker as she returned after sitting out 7 games due to a tear in to her meniscus. Candace, who did not start, ended the game with a double double (15pts/10rbs), and an EJECTION. Why does this matter, being that the Sparks ended up losing the game? Because it’s time for someone on this team to act like it’s affecting them that they are sitting 5th in the Western Conference, with the possibility of not making the playoffs. As a fan I have called for the head of Jennifer Gillom, and Penny Toler…with Jen out, and now the team being coached by Joe Bryant, the chemistry still was not there. Honestly I believe that if this team could have one injury free season from a major player, winning the championship would not be in question or doubt. I just don’t want to see Candace Parker not become the player I know she destined to be. One on One, no one in this league can match up with her, and yes that includes Maya Moore. It’s like Kobe & Lebron…with Parker being the black mamba. Her mentality, and determination to get back on the court was captured in a video. If Parker is not in a championship game for the Sparks soon, and her husband playing in New York…we could possibly have another blockbuster trade (reminiscent of Cappie Poindexter leaving Phoenix)…and I know Sparks fans don’t want that. The time is now!

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