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Lady Vols Get Verbal Committment from Andraya Carter


Andrya Carter

Buford Lady Wolves Basketball
Andraya Carter



USA U16 Trials-May 09: Part of being a point guard is being a leader and a big part of leadership is having a positive attitude. Andraya Carter of Buford, Ga., has the mental part down. She gets on the floor for any and all loose balls. She gets knocked around a bit, which leads to her being on the deck more than she’d probably like, but she hops up with a smile each and every time. She is a fluid athlete and changes directions well, but against aggressive defenders she gets in trouble going east-to-west. As she gets older and stronger this will probably change. She shot the ball well in spots and this kid is one to watch over the next three years.

Nike Regional Skills Academy-April 09: Georgia’s Andraya Carter has the tools to be effective at both the point and the shooting guard spots. The 5-9 Buford High School product has the versatility to score effectively herself or to set up her teammates with high percentage looks. Her lean build doesn’t keep her from making plays and scrapping with anyone out there. She handles the ball well but is just as effective without it in her hands on the cut. Her jumper is just that, a true jump shot with good elevation. Beyond her fundamentally sound game and impressive athletic skills is a relentless effort and focus on every possession. SOURCE



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Lakers vs Suns-The Lakers Get Tough..


Marion Jones Press Conference with Tulsa Shock

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Lakers vs Raptors 109-107 on Buzzer Beater by Kobe Bryant

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Marion Jones to the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock

Sprinter Jones to join Tulsa Shock

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The WNBA’s Tulsa Shock will hold a news conference Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET to announce the signing of former track star Marion Jones.
Jones worked out for Shock coach Nolan Richardson last Saturday.
Jones was stripped of five medals she won in the 2000 Summer Olympics after she admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs prior to the Summer Games.
She was given a six-month prison sentence after she admitted lying to federal prosecutors.
Now, at age 34 and after giving birth to her third child just eight months ago, Jones is attempting an athletic comeback — this time in basketball.
Jones has not played basketball since leaving North Carolina in 1997, choosing instead to concentrate on her track career. But as a freshman point guard with the Tar Heels, she helped UNC win a national title in 1994.
Jones was drafted by the Phoenix Mercury in 2003.

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Candace Parker New Shoe Ready For Release

Here’s a look at the special make-up adidas TS Ace Commander shoes for Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks. The style comes in White/Purple/Yellow “home” colors for the Sparks and features an EVA midsole with adiPRENE+ cushioning at the forefoot along with ClimaCool technology underfoot. Embroidered into the collar of the lateral sides of the shoes is “ACE3″. Continue reading for more detailed images of the Candace Parker adidas TS Ace Commander.
Images via Kenlu

check out Candace Parker new shoe. I’m so glad that these have finally come out…I saw the ladyvols wearing the light blue ones during the SEC tournament. Support the women line.

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