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Now I’m really feeling this joint right here. I haven’t enjoyed any 50 music since…Have A Baby By Now the first version that dropped had Kidd Kidd on it..but it seems on the final version his version has been dropped. So check out this version. Actually I still like it. This version will hit Itunes 5/26…and the official video will drop soon.



 Ciara stopped by the Rickey Smiley Show, and finally shed some light on who she “really” love, and why that person is afraid of her. The singer/dancer/actress, really became candid on the show stating that “…he is afraid of love, with that being said in a sense he’s afraid of me” speaking in respect of 50cent. Check out the interview below.

It’s funny however that her perspective on 50 is that he is afraid of “love” (and although that maybe true) then she must understand that the only way to remove fear is by speaking/showing true love in it’s purest form. And that even means, you definitely don’t push him away (thinking about the song SORRY), and you also must understand that if he walks away…it’s time for you to let your heart heal, and move on. Chalk it up as a relationship that taught you something about yourself. 

I’m sure that 50’s insecurities in the love department stem from what happened with his mom in a sense. The only woman he trust to love him could be his grandmother….and anyone else may not have the capacity to love him until he can love them back they way they need to be loved. Ciara girl, if you feel like you can…then pray. But whatever God says…go with it…and move forward. 


And yet I will always root for a Shad/Ciara reunion…lol. Why? She still friends with momma T, they were young, but now they both have grown up…now they need to be reintroduced to each other. Okay I’m a hopeless romantic. 

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We have all have been patiently waiting for Ciara to drop her brand new single, Sorry, off her upcoming album: One Woman Army, and it DELIVERS! The singer/dancer/songwriter started the campaign for her new single off by getting her fans to “unlock” the artwork for the single by getting a certain amount of likes, then she put the lyrics to the song on her instagram…

Now I’m about to get my guesswork of who the song is about…lol. Please don’t take NONE OF THIS STUFF AS GOSPEL…it’s just me having fun trying to untangle the mystery of who this person is/was that Ciara “really loved.”

Now she recently did an interview with Essence and this is what she had to say about the possible subject of her song:


Now although Bow Wow name was NOT mentioned as a possible, I have to think that it could possibly be him. Now I say that because I knew it wasn’t Amare being that he is now engaged to be married. As far as 50 cent goes, I do believe that they truly had/was in a relationship, but the fact that Ciara still will not openly admit that they were intimately involved, I’m not sure she would start it with this song. But let me explain how I really believe she could be talking about Shad Moss.

I want everyone to first notice what’s happening in the video. I know most are definitely thinking 50 because of the build of the guy, and him with his shirt off, but I’m not so sure about that…because after “raping” the repeat button for the video (lol) I began to notice some things. REMEMBER THIS IS JUST FOR FUN…Check out the photos below:

This pic shows Ciara sitting in the car as she thinks about the guy that she really loves. Now check out this pic of Bow doing the same his video for…OUTTA MY SYSTEM (which coincidentally was about his relationship with

Now I know what you are saying…that’s nothing..well you are right, but I found this funny as well

I know, I know…hey I told ya’ll this is simply my guesswork being done…lol. Well I also noticed that Ciara makes it point to keep showing this specific watch in the video, at various hey I went a search for the watch..hahahaha (honestly I don’t know HOW BLOGGERS HAVE TIME TO DO THIS stuff…make up stories that’s too much work) but I did manage to find Bow wearing a similar looking timepiece. need to tell me I’m reaching…I already know Now I would go with 50cent, but I don’t want to believe that at his age (and the things he says about wanting a family etc.. would have his ego causing him not to say Sorry, and yet Bow was like 19 or 20 when they broke easier for me to believe that he didn’t want to say it….then) But I’m going to end this with 2 things…one I think about what Bow said at the end of his “outta my system” video…basically saying he knew they had planned their lives out together…and if he could take back all the stuff he done, he would. (Not an “Im Sorry” though). Then I listened to what Ciara says at the end of her video…”You know I think about you sometimes I wonder how you are Are you happy You see I know What we had was special And I know you know it too I miss you I really miss you…” We know that Ciara is definitely a private person when it comes to her personal life & Bow Wow is more open (reminds me of Janet & JD), so we may not ever find out who this guy is..unless he get’s the message and try again. I’ll say this, I have always been a fan of certain celebrity couples simply because I look at the brand they can build together, and before there was ever a Chris Brown & Rihanna, there was Bow & Ci. And it’s funny that for all the hate that these two experienced when they were a couple (people not understanding why there were together) it’s still a lot of fans on twitter screaming for them to get back together..heck I think even Bow mom may not mind

This song is definitely a great way for Ciara to “BUST THE DOOR DOWN” and take her spot back at the top where she belongs. Way to go Ciara. The new single, Sorry, will be available on Itunes 9/25. Be sure to cop it.

The musical chemistry was bananas back then as well. Check out their chart topping hit “Like You

Shad say you sorry…so we can all share in the life that you both admit to talking about having with each other. One thing that Ciara readily admits, is that she wants to be married and have children…I’m just

Buy: Bow Wow feat. Ciara-Like You


P.S.S. 50 Cent took to twitter and said….OKAY IM SORRY! welp there you go!



50 Cent released his new single, New Day, featuring Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys off of his upcoming album, Street King Immortal. The song was produced by Dre, and mixed by Eminem.



 Lloyd Banks drops a new track entitled, Bring It Back, featuring Fabolous. His new album, V6, still does not have a release date, but maybe this song can garner enough buzz to get the G-Unit exec (50cent) in motion.



Oprah Winfrey and 50 Cent finally sit down and have a conversation. The multi-talented rapper/actor finally got a chance to sit down with the media mogul. Take a look.

Oprah’s Next Chapter | Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson… by Ashley_Miller_3

Oprah’s Next Chapter | Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson… by Ashley_Miller_3



New mixtape from 50 Cent “The Lost Tape: Gansta Grillz” is 50’s first “Gangsta Grillz” mixtape of his career. Hosted of course by DJ Drama and with features from Kidd Kidd, 2 Chainz, Eminem & more.

Download-The Lost Tape

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