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 Ciara stopped by the Rickey Smiley Show, and finally shed some light on who she “really” love, and why that person is afraid of her. The singer/dancer/actress, really became candid on the show stating that “…he is afraid of love, with that being said in a sense he’s afraid of me” speaking in respect of 50cent. Check out the interview below.

It’s funny however that her perspective on 50 is that he is afraid of “love” (and although that maybe true) then she must understand that the only way to remove fear is by speaking/showing true love in it’s purest form. And that even means, you definitely don’t push him away (thinking about the song SORRY), and you also must understand that if he walks away…it’s time for you to let your heart heal, and move on. Chalk it up as a relationship that taught you something about yourself. 

I’m sure that 50’s insecurities in the love department stem from what happened with his mom in a sense. The only woman he trust to love him could be his grandmother….and anyone else may not have the capacity to love him until he can love them back they way they need to be loved. Ciara girl, if you feel like you can…then pray. But whatever God says…go with it…and move forward. 


And yet I will always root for a Shad/Ciara reunion…lol. Why? She still friends with momma T, they were young, but now they both have grown up…now they need to be reintroduced to each other. Okay I’m a hopeless romantic. 

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