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The Purpose Of Wrong A Relationship

“The purpose of a wrong relationship is to pull you from the true dream and vision God has planted in your spirit. Any relationship that’s not your family that continually drains you instead of pouring into you is a distraction to you. A true companion will always impart instead of tear apart. And will bless you and never curse you. Remember, that lust is blind love is kind.”-Perry Stone

After reading the above quote by Pastor Perry Stone I really took a moment to meditate on this. The one thing we all seem to forget is what the devils mission is…to Steal, Kill, & to destroy. What exactly is he after? He is after your destiny!! He knows that if you ever find out who you are, whose you are, and what you were born to do..that only brings more into the kingdom of God. See your destiny is not simply elevate you..but there is an “audience” that you were brought here to serve! Always test the “spirit” to see if it from God..cause a wrong relationship can cost you dearly!! The problem is, generally when you finally realize it, the devil has already made off with your greatness.

How to know when God has ordained a union!

When two people come together…the flesh has choices to make. These choices generally comes as a result of issues, circumstances that show up during the course of the relationship, good or bad. The flesh usually immediately begins to tell the mind what should happen next.
Then there is the soul. The soul is made up of our mind/will/emotions. Now based off our circumstances and experiences with a person we determine which way OUR WILL will take us. The problem is our mind & emotions are involved in this stage..generally because a soul tie has been created (sexually) with that person so confusion creeps in. This generally when you hear a person talking about love being complicated, hard to understand etc…
So the determining part of you…the spirit…is where you should seek your answer of if the relationship is ordained by God. See your spirit has no confusion dwelling in it for it is the place where Christ/Father have set up their dwelling place within you as the HOLY SPIRIT. There is no confusion dwelling there. Only in your spirit is where the Father speaks to you because He s Spirit. So take your emotions and lay them to the side…take your mind(human logic) and lay it to the side…and take your will and trash it..because what God has willed for your life can’t be topped!
In your spirit God (in a still small voice) reveals His plan for your life as you get to know more and more about Him. That includes who the love of your life is. Don’t get entangled in your emotions to determine what’s real vs what’s not in His plan. If that man/woman is for will be beyond your matter what you do..move on, get married, have kids…there will still lie in your spirit the best plan for your life..but you CHOSE something different. Didn’t mean your life wasn’t good, just mean it wasn’t your best life!
Can you handle that?!



Fear…it only “lives” when we have no relationship with love! Perfect love cast out all fear. Don’t be put off because you read the word “perfect” it only means (untainted). When we read this scripture in 1 John 4 :18 “there is no fear in love (dread does not exist) but full grown love turns fear out of doors and expels every trace of terror! For fear brings with it the thought of punishment, and so he who is afraid has NOT reached the full maturity of love (is not yet grown into love’s complete perfection)!” Whether in success, failure, or life in general fear has no part in you. But we must MATURE in love in order to cast fear out. Remember fear comes to attempt to thwart the plan of God for your life. Choose love in every situation. Do not convince yourself through human logic that because hard times have come that love is meaningless, not enough, too confusing, etc…rather understand that maturing in LOVE is the answer to every issue!

Nothing matters if you don’t have love!!





I got off work this morning listening to Chris Browns latest joint: I Can’t Win! The song is definitely a plea to Rihanna. But a plea to do what? He mentions how she loves the “bottle” referring to her drinking…he mentions the yelling and her unwillingness to compromise..yet let’s it be known he still loves her. When I heard the song I knew the first thing the blogs would report on is the lyric mentioning the “bottle” but how would they speak on it?

Do I believe based off what she has allowed the public to see that drinking/smoking are at an all time high…I absolutely do! And to be honest watching Chris do his recent interviews (and the fact he has a medical marijuana card lol) he seems high too much for my liking as well as smoking cigarettes (do they even realize they are singers smh)!
Yet I will say we SEE Rihanna doing it often because she allows us too see. The first thing I have learned as minister is when people don’t even attempt to hide the problem they are SCREAMING for someone to help them. But who is the person God has called forth and GRACED with the anointing & patience to see the mission through? We know everyone got tired with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, & that’s just recent superstars! This picture right here says soooo much!

Now here we are watching Chris & Rihanna rekindle their friendship/love affair and people are talking publicity stunts! Wow! As for Rihanna she is sitting at what I believe to be the pinnacle of her career (are their any more records to break), and she has perfected this good girl gone bad image! Needing more publicity is not needed! Going to court with Chris has NOT benefitted her one bit with album sales/single sales but it has changed the minds of some of my closets friends who refused to have anything else to do with his music/career. And yes that’s crazy but it’s their right. What did Chris have to gain…the one woman he loved with every fiber of his being. I don’t think she maneuvered her way back into his life…in her time she decided she wanted it again. He could have easily said NO! If she had a drinking problem before…he already knew that! He didn’t have to break up with Kae to be her friend we all know that.

Chris NEVER thought he would do to a woman what he watched his step dad do his mom..but it happened! I’m sure he denied that even existed in him…but it happened and it doesn’t even matter why! Rihanna same way…I’m sure she never saw herself “as her father” and yet she find herself with those same issues! So who is praying for them vs waiting for her to be found dead, or some tragic ending as his dad speak of! I was raised watching my mother/2aunts/die early due to alcoholism! They were all physically abused by their mates and they all denied they had a problem! Another commonality they watched as their father beat their mother and vowed to NOT go through the same thing yet all became victims! And my two uncles both hit on their girlfriends at some point! Yet I (who once smoked & drank one day said that’s enough)! How though…I have my life to Christ! And EVERYTHING CHANGED!

When you have a coping mechanism that seemingly works for you it’s hard to replace it with SOMEONE YOU CAN’T SEE…cause Faith seems to distant!

Is Chris a changed man when it comes to his temper…I believe so when it comes to Rihanna, but all around he still working on it…but it took tragedy for him to see he had a problem! I’m praying it doesn’t take that for Rihanna to see it! Honestly I don’t think Rihanna is attempting to hurt Chris…it’s herself that she’s destroying! In the Oprah interview when she was talking about her dad she spoke about EVERYTIME a guy got to a certain point in her heart she would shut down and break it off! She didn’t want to be loved…(watching her parents relationship) and in her eyes when she let go the one time she let go it was with Chris then boom ‘09 happens! And NO her issues are NOT Chris’s just brought back to the forefront of why she protected herself in the first place!
Why do I even care? Heck why does any of us? One I’m a Taurus like Chris..loyal to a fault! And stubborn! Also anywhere I put my MONEY I pray (cause itS a seed)! And I like to see how that seed is growing! I’m an unapologetic Lakers fan through and through lol and I am vested in each player! It’s not my business but yea it’s my business to pray over my investment! And if its in public view then I can speak on it! But I will be careful of this because this tongue is POWERFUL! I love these kids and want Gods Will for them both! We see Chris support system in full view, the question becomes who is Rihanna’s?

Let me start the ball rolling…I’ll be her support! Prayer works!



HISBlessedOne: SPEAK OUT!: Last month I took a course to be a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator for the military and next month I will be recognized as a…



“And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified and said, It is a ghost! And they screamed out with fright. But instantly He spoke to them, saying, Take courage! I AM! Stop being afraid! And Peter answered Him, Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water. He said, Come! So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water, and he came toward Jesus. But when he perceived and felt the strong wind, he was frightned, and as he began to sink, he cried out, Lord, save me [from death]! Instantly Jesus reached out His hand and caught and held him, saying to him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14: 26-31, Amplified)

Good morning everyone. I just wanted to take a moment and speak concerning this scripture reading today. As I was listening to the word as I drove this morning…when this particular passage came up, I could just hear the Holy Spirit begin to speak. If you will read this passage again, I want you to see how FEAR, (or becoming frightened) can hinder you from getting to where God has planned for you to go. Yes, I’m speaking about your God ordained destiny. The disciples were in route to the OTHER SIDE as they were directed by Jesus to go before Him (as He went up into the hills to pray alone). Now understand, Christ gave them a distinct command…”get into the boat and go before Him to the other side…Matthew 14: 22). First off, we all should know and understand that when Christ gives us an instruction..He has already prepared the way and He has taken care of everything that would come against you on the way. The disciples ran into some “troubled winds” along the way..and it caused FEAR to begin to “control” their soul (mind, will, & emotions). How many of us, have gotten a command from God to go down a certain path, but just when the “smooth sailing” stops and the water get’s rough, we forget all about the command and begin to focus on the obstacle before us?

Then there is Peter! I can only imagine what he was thinking when He looked and seen Jesus: WALKING ON THE WATER! Well he had enough faith to at least start the “journey” or “get out of the boat”..which was more than the others, but what happened…HE PERCEIVED (became aware of, identify by means of the senses) and FELT “trouble or fear” and he lost FAITH. See when the Holy Spirit gives us a word from heaven…we receive that word, and we are on fire to get it done, yet at the first (flesh moment..meaning we step out of faith in God, and begin to look at the limits of man) we quickly begin to sink (to death)…because to me…to live this life (according to your own intelligence & abilities) is ignorance..and is the equivalent of SETTLING. When we all know that the plan that God has for our lives is the most satisfying that we could ever enjoy! Jesus wanted them to understand that there is nothing greater than I AM! The fact that He was there…meant FEAR was not…so He told them DON’T DOUBT (FEAR)! CAUSE YES YOU TOO CAN WALK ON WATER IF CHRIST BID YOU TO COME, IF YOU FEAR NOT!




 Thinking back on some of my prayer journals, I remember during prayer the Lord saying: “I have given you a dowry fit for a king.”-That just continues to make me realize that any man won’t do. My dowry is specifically designed for someone, and it’s important that I understand that. It’s not being “picky” it’s understanding what’s inside of you, and who deserves what you have to give, & whose built to love me through it all. What I have to offer, every man will not be able to receive, or recognize it for it’s greatness. To those it will sound like nagging, or something worthless. But to the one it’s designed to help, it will be fresh water springing up from my well, that has been made deep by the Holy Spirit, in order from him to be able to drink from daily. 

Well I came across this write up about DOWRY…CHECK IT OUT!

Written by Aleathea Dupree, Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.” Proverbs 18:22

There are two kinds of husbands in this world: those who recognize and celebrate the true value of their wives, and those who do not. The husbands who recognize and celebrate the value of their wives reap a harvest of perpetual wealth and abundant blessings in their marriages. The husbands who fail to recognize and celebrate the true value of their wives rob themselves of the riches of the full benefits God intends when He blesses a man with a wife. Regardless of a husband’s response or recognition, there is something of tremendous value that God gives to every wife: He gives her a dowry of Divine favor.

Traditionally, a dowry is something of great value that is provided by a father for his daughter to bring with her into marriage. The purpose of the dowry is to help the husband take proper care of his wife, and to protect the wife against ill treatment by her husband. In the same way, when one of God’s daughters marries, God provides a divine dowry of special favor that she brings with her into the marriage. This divine dowry of special favor positions the husband and provides him with the opportunity to obtain preferential treatment and special regard from God because of his wife.

The unmarried man is not the beneficiary of this particular kind of favor: it is reserved for the man who “finds a wife.” Since this special favor is only available to the man who takes a wife, evidently, it is favor that God knows he needs in order to have good success in his role as a husband. This special favor is a gift — a special grace — from God to put the husband in the most advantageous position to take care of his wife and make progress in his marriage.

The key to the husband receiving this special favor is in understanding that this gift is a wellspring that God allows to flow through the wife. The key to releasing the flow of this favor lies in how the husband treats his wife. The more favorably the husband treats his wife, the more this special favor flows into the marriage. Conversely, the less favorably the husband treats his wife, the less Divine preferential treatment or special regard he receives.

The husband must receive this favor, or more accurately, obtain it, which implies that it will require some effort on his part to draw it out. This favor does not just come with the wife and work on the husband’s behalf no matter how he treats her. It’s a flow. It flows out of and through her life into her husband’s life to bless him and to help him. Because it is a flow, it can be dammed up or pumped up. If the husband treats his wife well, this special favor of God will flow freely. But, if the husband mistreats his wife, he will block the flow and that favor will not work for him. As a matter of fact, it can even work against him.
To see how the favor a wife brings can work against a husband, consider these two passages spoken directly to husbands in Malachi 2:13-14 and 1 Peter 3:7:

And this you do with double guilt; you cover the altar of the Lord with tears [shed by your unoffending wives, divorced by you that you might take heathen wives], and with [your own] weeping and crying out because the Lord does not regard your offering any more or accept it with favor at your hand.

Yet you ask, Why does He reject it? Because the Lord was witness [to the covenant made at your marriage] between you and the wife of your youth, against whom you have dealt treacherously and to whom you were faithless. Yet she is your companion and the wife of your covenant [made by your marriage vows]. (Amplified)

In this passage in Malachi, these husbands placed themselves in a position of God’s displeasure because they have “dealt treacherously” towards their wives. Treachery in marriage (which God hates), particularly on the husband’s part, often results in divorce (which God also hates). I believe that every marriage that ends in divorce can be traced back to treacherous dealings within the marriage. Suffice it to say, dealing treacherously is a major favor blocker.

The word treacherous means to be:

  • Deceptive: leading someone to believe what is not true; giving a false impression
  • Faithless: not adhering to allegiance, promises, vows, or duty; ready to betray trust; traitorous
  • Untrustworthy: not deserving of trust or confidence; undependable; unreliable
  • Dangerous: causing danger; perilous; risky; hazardous; unsafe; able or likely to cause physical injury
  • Unstable: unsteady; likely to sway; wavering; unsettled; easily moved, shaken or overthrown

The favor that the wife brings into the marriage gives the husband an opportunity to gain special regard from God. However, if the husband acts treacherously towards his wife in any of the above ways, God says He will “not regard” the husband when he comes before Him. God provides us with additional insight as He repeats this thought in 1 Peter 3:7:

In the same way you married men should live considerately with [your wives], with an intelligent recognition [of the marriage relation], honoring the woman as [physically] the weaker, but [realizing that you] are joint heirs of the grace (God’s unmerited favor) of life, in order that your prayers may not be hindered and cut off. [Otherwise you cannot pray effectively.] (Amplified)

What is the significance of the husband’s offering or prayers being hindered and cut off? Our offerings and prayers to God are not for God’s benefit: they are for our benefit, so that we can receive from Him the answers we need and the blessings He wants to pour into our lives. In both the passage in Malachi 2 and in 1 Peter 3, the husband is held responsible for the treatment of his wife, and in both instances, the husband’s ability to receive from God is hindered and cut off if he mistreats his wife.




DJ Orator got another hot exclusive from The Game, and Chris Brown, as the two jump on Chief Keef’s new record: I Don’t Like. First let me say, The Game murked this joint. But as a Laker fan, let me break it to you fam..we not getting Deron

Download-The Game & Chris Brown-I Don’t Like(Freestyle)

Okay now on to something wayyyy more serious, because we are called CelebrityMinistry…I’m going to take this minute to speak to one Mr. Christopher Maurice Brown. Listen Up!

Chris when will you get it? Whose brave enough to make sure you do? This thing with Drake is really getting old, and as a matter of fact it’s based on what? Now unless you want to enlighten the public on some unknown facts as to why you strongly dislike the guy then this is silly. It’s like Kellz beefing with Trey dumb! That’s not a diss to Trey/Drake but lets face it Chris has made a mark in this industry worldwide that Drake is only beginning to imagine. Let’s get to what’s really bothering Christopher Maurice Brown!

You realize that the one thing in the world you wanted to KEEP by your side was snatched away one crazy night 3 years ago! You have apologized in person/on wax/in interviews and nothing has been able to restore that relationship. Not because you have not been forgiven by her but because the media/fans/would never truly allow
it! And for a 23yr old man who has been given a 2nd chance with the 1A first love of his life hes forced to decide if he can just do without 1B(Rihanna). To this point he cannot!

Think back when u were in ur late teens early twenties and the relationships. U had then! Remember how intense they were? For females especially, when ur parents forbid u to see “that” guy, it made u want to be with him even more?! For guys when mom said i don’t like her, it just said hey well I won’t marry her but u prob kept her for sport. Well remember Chris & Rihanna mom seemingly had a good relationship. So  yea he had “the one” for him. Now of course I realize how young they were so who knows where they would have ended up anyway, but the problem was, we should have let them decide that!

As parents we all know u give your children the wisdom they need to go out into the world and hopefully make good decisions for there lives, but ultimately they must make there own decisions so they have no regrets, or resent you!

As a woman, and one that has 0 tolerance for a man that would even attempt to  puts his hands on me, it was Rihanna’s decision and she should not have had to bear the weight of all domestic violence cases in the world. More than her had to be responsible for that. Not saying her voice should not be heard but rather it was not her burden alone to carry. Remember Christ had help carrying the cross to Calvary (though he alone bared the sins of the world). Also it’s not true that once a woman beater always a woman beater. Though the sample size is small of those who change there are those that change.

I agreed with Chris on one thing, where were the men of God who needed to speak to him understand what he was seeing at such a young age when he watched his mother get beat. Where was the guidance? And now, Chris must with Christ come to understand & then be healed of the scars that emerged from the “abuse” he suffered by what he experience seeing/hearing that.

We see Rihanna do a complete change when she made the statement with Diane Sawyer that she realized she couldn’t be with Chris because there were millions of little girls lookin up to her and what would she be saying to them?! Now she “thug life” heck what is that saying to them?

And Chris, you are on probation, yet, you still the hottest thing in the game.. love(music). And you beefing with dudes, dissing Rihanna on tracks, while you have supposedly moved on! Only to find yourself apologizing all over again? So who gets your frustration? A window at GMA, the media because you vowed to not interview again(although that has changed recently) and now public feuding with a guy who does not have anything to lose on your level. Do you truly know your worth? Do you remember the “Got milk” campaign, the Wrigleys endorsement? It’s NOT about the $ those brought but how it magnified the CHRIS BROWN BRAND! Yes the brand! You must choke your pride down, and let pettiness go, make difficult decisions, sacrifice(for 1A), because you see the BIG PICTURE! Don’t take Gods plan for your life and screw it up by inserting pride,peoplel who don’t belong & ignorance! You have year & a half (approx) left on probation, don’t you know there is NO judge in this country that would not hesitate to lock u up for the remainder of that?

It’s time to re-evaluate some things Chris, and change. Heck lock yourself in the studio with your 1A, 1B..make great music…and take us to the next level of the gift GOD has given u…FYI (rapping is not the next level). We need you in this world, you were created to do the will of GOD, the devil knows this so he will attempt to thwart your attempt to BE GREAT! Will u let him?

“Greatness comes with an adversary!”-Margo

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