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Is Candace Parker Ready To "Marry" The Los Angeles Sparks?

SparksNation what it do? On April 9, 2008 our Los Angeles Sparks “proposed” to Candace Parker. They rolled out the purple and gold carpet for her, and let her know from the beginning-when Lisa Leslie retires this will be her team! Well that time has come, with Lisa Leslie announcing at the beginning of this season, that she will retire at the end of the 2009 season.

With all of Lisa accomplishments, one that we as Sparks fans can really appreciate is the fact that she “married” the Los Angeles Sparks. We knew that when she retired, it would be in a Sparks uniform. She is nothing less, than the greatest female center to play the game. Now she is leaving the organization she built…and I mean that literally, from promotion, to community events, Lisa has done it all to make sure that the league would be around for the likes of Parker, and others. So now comes the time for Candace Parker to decide if she will accept the proposal for a “career” commitment to the LA Sparks.


SparksNation remember Candace’s husband Shelden Williams plays in the NBA, and I won’t hold it against him, that he plays for the Celtics, but that means she can make her home almost anywhere. She constantly talks about how “expensive” it is to live in LA…lol, yet we know she isn’t truly worried about that. I’m just saying the things she have to consider, before setting the date, after they win the 2009 WNBA championship.

Ok enough of that…we know that Candace will indeed “marry” the Sparks…she is more than ready to continue the house that Leslie built. By the time Candace is done, and ready to retire, they will have to share that floor…lol. We will watch this marriage begin next season!

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Where Will Lamar End Up? Miami or LA?

LakerNation here we are in the 3rd week of free agency and so much has happened and changed with our championship team! We all watched “David Lee” Trevor Ariza’s agent attempt to bluff the organization and he was quickly replaced! Jeff Schwartz has also taken an approach with the organization that was not in his client’s best interest, and has Lamar back-peddling a little to repair any bridges that may have been burned when he nor his agent responded to the 4yrs 9mil offer the Lakers placed on the table for the soon to be 30yr old forward. According to Dr. Buss is still upset with the way the whole thing was handled, so now we all must wait to see what happens!

Yet to me it seems that this thing has gotten personal. If you have followed the Lakers for any amount of time during free agency period, you would know that when things can not be settled with Mitch, it brings Dr. Buss into the picture, and that does not always go well for the player. 2007 Kobe Bryant was tired of being as he described “the scape” goat for the franchise letting go of Shaquille Oneal, and the fact that he did not have the players he needed to be competitive in league! So after Dr. Buss tried talking to him, Kobe still insisted, and Dr. Buss quickly began entertaining the offers for Bryant. It was never that Dr. Buss did not want Kobe, but he would not be bullied or chumped by a player, I mean he does own the team. Andrew Bynum’s agent the aforementioned David Lee also went into “bully” status with Bynum, only the fact that it’s hard to find centers with Andrew’s skill and potential anywhere, is the only reason a deal got done, yet as we could see with the dealing of Trevor’s negotiations that Dr. Buss was not going to allow him to get away with it a second time, so out goes Trevor, and in comes Artest(which is a complete upgrade in my opinion) though I definitely loved Trevor as a Laker. Mildly put, Dr. Buss gave Lamar a great opportunity here in LA, when even some of us fans wanted to see him shipped out of here, as he failed to become Pippen to Kobe’s Jordan, but he sure as heck turned out to be a great Toni Kukoc, even better I would say. So hopefully Lamar “made nice” with Dr. Buss and on Monday morning he will officially put back on the purple and gold!

Cause I would really hate to see him on the other end of this mamba strike! I can understand he wants to secure his family legacy financially, but as a player I’m sure he also wants to be a winner! He is in the right place at the right time to see that happened. He endured the frustration of not making the playoffs, and then being ousted in the first round two years in a row, to the acquisition of Pau Gasol, which truly allowed him to do what he does best on the court, and that’s be versatile. In Miami, the pressure will be on him again to be a second scorer behind Wade, because Oneal is has not played an entire season in years now. The difference for Lamar in this scenario is it’s Wade, and legitimately that’s it, so he would be called on for big numbers night in and night out, no days off. At least in LA he has Kobe and Pau to take the slack if Bynum is unavailable for whatever reason.

Lamar please take a moment and think about cementing your legacy beyond the money: How about with more championship rings? You have already surpassed the Miami Heat franchise in final appearances…lol, and you are tied with Wade for rings, with the most potential to get another one. There is nothing stopping Miami from going ahead and acquiring Carlos Boozer, so tell me why it hasn’t happened yet? Are they waiting for you? And if so, why? Being that even without you, having Boozer on that team will be an upgrade. We know he will be getting his guaranteed $12mil, with you being offered the mid level, so how can you be so sure that they will add him after you sign? Maybe it’s nothing…I’m just offering what if’s here…lol. Lamar take the “risk” that’s a sure thing…with the Lakers you are guaranteed to be battling it out in the playoffs for a long time, WCF and know the system(finally), and most importantly you are loyal to those who have been good to you. You said yourself you did not want to burn bridges with the Lakers because they have been too good to you. So what is there to think about…sign and the team will go into making sure you don’t regret it! Lamar Odom a Los Angeles Lakers 4 Life? I hope so.

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The last day of June, one month into the WNBA season, the league just became OFFICIALLY WARNED! Yeah warned. Candace Parker-Williams began light practice with the team…and after almost 10months of not playing basketball..due to the pregnancy and birth of her daughter Lailaa Nicole…she “looks” like she will step on the court right now and put 20/5/5 on you in 25minutes. People that is NOT an exaggeration, understand the person we are talking about here: 2008 semi finals versus Texas A&M, Parker shoulder dislocates, not once, but twice…SHE RETURNS TO THE GAME, AND FOUND A WAY TO BE EFFECTIVE. She is side-lined with a knee injury her freshman season…comes back her sophomore season and is the Wade Trophy winner! Understand people this is no ordinary PLAYER..she is the equivalent of Magic Johnson, meaning she can play all 5 positions legitimately and at this point in her career she will only get better…yeah people she is only 23!!!!!

Parker is also a marketers dream! She is beautiful, intelligent, and has a good heart as well!She is constantly giving of herself to various community projects, and her fans! She has already transcended heights that had not been reached before in the WNBA, even with the names of Diana Taurasi, or Chamique Holdsclaw.
So LA Sparks fan, treat her with love, and never take her for granted, because this is the leader who will bring more championships to the city! Candace Nicole Parker welcome back!



The Los Angeles Sparks and the Detroit Shock are at the bottom of their perspective divisions right now, and their are A LOT OF EXCUSES AS TO WHY, but can excuses really be used?
Let’s start with my BELOVED Sparks, who are 2-5 right now! The two wins coming at home. When this season started, once again the Sparks were predicted virtually by every GM to win the WNBA title, but turbulence has struck the favorites due to injury by Lisa Leslie, and the pregnancy of Candace Parker. Candace Parker delivered a beautiful baby girl on May 13, 2009 with husband Shelden Williams, but the Sparks picked up LA native Tina Thompson, who was a free agent due to the collapse of the Houston Comets,who also avg 18ppg in Houston. Then their was the acquisition of all-star shooting guard Betty Lennox, who in my opinion has the mentality of Kobe Bryant on the court when she is allowed to roam free. So now tell me why is this team 2-5?
Well the Sparks started off their season with a very impressive win over the Detroit Shock at the Staples Center!Everything seemed to be clicking well for the team, until Detroit made 1 adjustment…ZONE! The first half of that game the Sparks scored 52 points, and in the second half they only scored 26pts. But that was only the beginning, in the game against Phoenix, the Sparks were in control and Lisa Leslie went down…and here we are! This has not been a great home-coming so far for Tina, but because she understands adversity, she is their helping the younger players to know it’s a long season.
The Detroit Shock on the other hand have been challenged in several different ways, from injury, to losing the most winningest ACTIVE coaches in the WNBA, Bill Laimbeer. I don’t have a lot to say about the Shock, but I do want the fans to tell me, which team will be above .500 first, and what it’s going to take for them to get their.



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