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The Enigma That Is Ron Artest

The Palace BrawlThe Palace Brawl

This is where is all began for Ron Artest. The brawl at Detroit’s Palace of Auburn Hills (which also known for it’s first ever WNBA brawl Sparks vs Shock) placed a label on Ron that he has been unable to shake some 5yrs later. Since this unfortunate incident has happened, Ron has played on two other teams, Sacramento and Houston. Now he is playing for the world champion Los Angeles Lakers, and most are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for this team to implode, simply because it has added Artest. I want everyone to take a closer look into what people and who people think Ron Artest is…then ask yourself if what you have seen, really who you think he is?

I posted the video above so that people can go back and look at what really took place on that unfortunate evening 5yrs ago. After watching it, where was the backlash for Ben Wallace, who intiated everything. Emotions truly began to run high after he took exception of that foul by Artest, which looking back was really not that hard of a foul, considering some of the things we have seen in the NBA. My goodness who remembers the clothesline McHale gave Rambis, or more recently when Raja Bell clothesline Kobe, and their was none of this type of behavior that followed. But more importantly what did Ron Artest do: he backed away, allowed the refs to do their job, and laid down on the scorers table, Ben Wallace threw a towel at him, he did nothing, fans were shouting obscenities, he did nothing, then out of no where he gets hit with a bottle and beer is thrown all over him. Understand, none of us know how we will react in these situations, we hope that we would make the right decision, but who knows. So Ron held it all in, through Ben Wallace antics, and snaps and let’s loose when he gets hit in the head with a bottle, by a fan. We all know the rest of the story. But does that incident make Ron Artest a thug? A hoodlum? An enigma?

Artest Karoke

Then their is this Ron Artest. Singing Karoke with his friends…having a ball on twitter. Interacting with the fans as only he can. He is so open about everything from his upbringing to his marriage, and subsequent divorce. He is all over the world doing rap concerts, and now he is as they he said, “hoodalizing espn” is their a greater personality in the league…maybe Shaquille O’neal, but overall the guy has been giving a bum rap.

Their are countless videos on youtube from this year since he has joined twitter, where he has given out his phone number and asked the fans to call him, and he talks to them. He gave the fans a email, that he answers questions from. I know I know u saying, it’s all just for show. I beg to differ, because one thing is for sure, he really could care less about what people think about him, if you are not in his inner circle.

Ron is simply PASSIONATE about what he does. He has been playing this game (basketball) most of his life, and you can see it in his HEAD most of the time…lol. He simply wears his heart on his sleeve. He has no problem adapting to his surroundings, it’s when people continue to remind him of where he came or who he use to be, is when the problem arise. Ron has shown since then that he is able to handle his composure in crucial times…like last season playoffs versus the Lakers, when he was elbowed by Kobe Bryant, the did not swing out on Kobe, he did however make sure that Kobe knew he wasn’t going to take that. To me that’s great playoff basketball. Yet, that outburst piled the label of “thug” on him even more.

I will end this by saying The Enigma that is Ron Artest, every sports team needs to have. Every championship basketball team that I have seen, has at least one “passionate” player on their team. It’s that person who is willing to kick up dust, make the hard foul, get a technical, trash talk, maybe even provoke the star player on the other team in order to get them out of their game. This player does whatever it takes to win. The Celtics have Kevin Garnett, The Heat has Dwayne Wade, the Bulls had Dennis Rodman, even the Nuggets have J.R. Smith, and now the Lakers have two: Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest. So where Kobe may have been the most hated Laker by opponents, enter courtside left Ron Artest to take all that pressure off of Kobe Bryant. Every opponent, no matter what they say, were praying that this duo would never happen. Now it’s here, and NBA be warned…we have found “Peat” he is wearing #37 purple and gold. Welcome to the Lakers Ron Artest.

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Kobe Bryant Keeps Expanding His Game

The Lakersnation.comMyFoxHouston: Monday Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was in Houston for a two-hour workout with Olajuwon.
Olajuwon said Bryant reached out to him for help with his moves in the post.
“He gave me the biggest compliment,” Olajuwon said. “(He said) You are the best (at the) mid-post and post move.
“He wanted me to show my moves to him.”
Olajuwon said his style of play in the paint is really suited for a guy like Bryant.
“In my mind most of my moves for a guy (with) that agility can use it better than the big guy,” Olajuwon said. “Because my moves are not really for the big guy.
“It’s for the guards and small forwards. So he would benefit most on the post because of his agility.
“It was so much fun because how he picks it up. I worked with him for two hours, step by step.”
Olajuwon expects Bryant to be even better than he was last season when he led the Lakers to the NBA Championship.
“Adding those moves to his game, watch out for him this year,” Olajuwon said. “I understand his dedication. His desire to win and stay on top.
“That’s what I respect most about him.”
By the way, Olajuwon said he would never have held one-on-one sessions like this if he was still playing.
“You don’t want to give them your secrets,” Olajuwon said’

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Trevor Ariza interview: Fire your Agent Trevor

Trevor Ariza interview on 570 KLAC

Former Laker/now Rocket Trevor Ariza recently appeared on the 570 KLAC’s Myers & Hartman Show in Los Angeles. TA was asked various questions about the ultimately failed negotiations that resulted in a Houston relocation. Not many specifics revealed, but that’s what actually made the interview noteworthy. Here’s what I found most interesting:

* How largely uninformed Ariza appeared while trying to relay what happened between the Lakers and his agent, David Lee. His explanations were very unspecific and included a lot of sentiments like “I’m not really sure” and “whatever the situation was.” I found that pretty odd. Perhaps Trevor wanted to tread lightly and avoid painting a negative picture of the Lakers, Lee or himself. I also know from experience that he’s much more comfortable off the record than on it.

Or, as I suspect, Ariza’s retelling of the story was filled with blanks because he was informed of his situation entirely through Lee, as opposed to Lee and the Lakers. Beyond never actually being in a room with any Laker brass, Trevor gave no indication of having spoken directly with Mitch Kupchak at any point. Thus, Lee was the one keeping him in the loop and attempting to make the exact opposite route of Trevor’s first choice sound palatable and/or necessary.
* Ariza didn’t sound thrilled about leaving the Lakers. As he acknowledged, “what kid from L.A. would want to leave L.A.?” TA also lamented having “no control over that.”
* When asked about Lee’s handling of his business, Ariza expressed more loyalty than praise for a job well done. He also acknowledged that the Lakers don’t particularly like Lee, unless I misinterpreted the following comment: “If I was to stay there, (the Lakers) would still feel the same way about him.”

Those “no love lost” sentiments reinforce my initial thoughts on the matter (which felt even more reasonable in light of the report from Hoopsworld’s Eric Pincus). Lee played posturing hardball well before the approach was merited, and the Lakers refusing to bite. From there, Lee looked to gain leverage through meetings with other teams and the Lakers, knowing Ron Artest was available and interested, decided to cut bait and to the chase. Without question, I was surprised events unfolded so quickly, but in retrospect, it makes sense. Lee’s jabbering to the media with July 1st barely in the books felt unusually over the top. It also signaled a hassle in the works. With all due respect to Ariza, a guy I like as a player and a person, he isn’t worth that much drama to secure, especially if the Team Ariza numbers floated are so far out of line with what the Lakers are offering.

In any event, I hope things work out for Trevor in Houston (except, of course, in games against the Lakers). I also think he’d be wise to cut ties with Lee. Between Ariza and Andrew Bynum last season, it’s pretty clear Lee is a pain to work with. That would be fine if he had a client roster big enough that franchises are forced to kiss up. But when your agent’s third biggest client is apparently Hassan Adams, it’s safe to assume he doesn’t “own” the NBA. More importantly, Lee botched the task of getting what Ariza wanted, which, in its own right, is kind of impressive, considering the mutual interest expressed by the Lakers and Ariza in continuing a relationship. That talks broke off so abruptly and acrimoniously feels like a sign that Trevor should look elsewhere for representation.
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