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Oh my goodness. Dawn Richard is the best definition of a solo artist on they grind right now. As she gears up for her new EP release, Amor On, 3/27..she continues to dazzle us with hot new music. But it’s not the same type of music that you are constantly hearing over and over, it’s a brand new lane that she has opened up, and I love it. Check out her latest song, FLY. And make sure to support her when the EP is released.

Cop her latest joints from Itunes
December Sky

SMFU (Save Me From You)



Dawn Richard is officially on her “solo” journey. The former Danity Kane member has officially been released from Bad Boy records to pursue her dreams as a solo artist. First let me say, labels if you are smart you will start a bidding war right now for this lady. Her songwriting, experience, vocal styles, places her in a lane all of her own. Not to mention the fact that she has her own sound. Okay it’s no secret that CelebrityMinistry is a Dawn Richard fan, but it’s just great news to my ears. Get ready 2012, because the Dawn Richard era has just begun. Check out her new song Change. Not sure if this will be on her new album, GoldenHearts, which is slated to be released later this year, but enjoy for now.

Also cop her latest single, SMFU (Saving Myself From You).



Seriously there are only a few artists that I love supporting no matter what. Dawn Richard is one of those artists. Since the first day I saw her on MTV’s Making The Band, I knew there was something “different” about her. No not how she looked, her shyness, or even her sound, to me it was her spirit. One that was guarded, yet desired honesty and truth. One that one to have an opportunity to express her gift in a way that can touch lives on another level. Well we got to witness a small inkling of that while she was with Danity Kane (sucka for love, ride 4 u, etc) but now she’s about to bring us the complete package that is Dawn Richard, in her upcoming album: GoldenHearts. The first single, SMFU (Saving Myself From U), is now available on Itunes, and she recently released the video for the song. One word to describe the visual to the words written: POWERFUL. Hearts (what she calls her fans) enjoy this stage of Dawn as she shares a part of herself with you. It’s something to be said about a woman who understands who God is, what Faith means, and how to incorporate them both into her life knowing that without either she would have given up a long time ago. Enjoy! VOTE FOR #SMFU on 106 & PARK! TEXT “DAW” to 79922 or click here:

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