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In the past year, Dawn Richard, has brought her full arsenal to the forefront of music. With her hot new EP, Armor On, the burgeoning superstar just continues to make her impact felt in todays music. After freeing herself of the continual questions of whether her and Qwanell (formely Que of Day 26) were still together or not, she took to power 1051 and set the record straight, that ship has sailed. Ah man, I must say that to hear that was painful as a fan of them both, but beautiful at the same time simply because I get to hear what her heart is saying in each and every song she puts out.

Well now, that the heartbreak is over, Dawn has surely moved on with a new love, and timeless music. She gave her fans a treat for reaching over 300K views on her latest video, Bombs, off of Armor On. The song is called Wild N Young, which the singer says it was a toss up of this song, and Change, to place on the EP. Check it out and enjoy.

Download-Wild N Young



Finally the EP has dropped! Dawn Richard has taken another huge leap to superstardom by releasing, Amor On! The 10 song EP, is filled with nothing but what I call, money makers. I mean I can take anyone of the songs on this EP and here it on the radio.

I have been rooting for Dawn since day one, and finally it’s her season. If I had to choose my favorite song on here, it would probably be (although hard to choose just one) would be, Scripture. She simply let’s her pen flow on this track, and it touches every inch of me. Check it out, and her brand new video for her latest single, Bombs! After watching tell me this girl didn’t just make a mark on this game! Beautiful, talented, and independent!

“…just feed me beats and watch me eat up all ya’ll”-Bombs by Dawn Richard..smh fiyah!

Cop AMOR ON, right now on Itunes!

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