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Finally! I was praying that they would make this song a single from Alicia’s latest album, Girl On Fire. This new single: Fire We Make featuring Maxwell is pure RnB, and lacks nothing in that department. With the video shot down in New Orleans, the sexy definitely comes out. Check it out…and yes Maxwell still looks good!



Rihanna dropped her brand new video for her new single: Stay, exclusively on E TV. And the very simplistic video did not disappoint this fan. As Rihanna is seated in a bathtub, she played the best “role” of her life. She took a moment to let her spirit go back to the moment when I believe she decided it was “over” but yet she didn’t want it to be.

As women especially, I know that we can all relate at some point of what Rihanna is displaying right here, after a break up. It’s very emotional, and sometimes surreal. The single tear down the left cheek at the end says it all. Check it out.

Here is another edit of the video with Mikky.

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