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Usher Raymond! Where do I start? Let me just say that Usher continues to push the limits with his music. The superstar constantly reminds his fans that he’s not simply an R/B singer, but rather a Pop icon. All of his accolades speak for themselves, but I do hope that he does not forget completely his roots as one of the greatest in r/b. I know it has felt like a long time ago since we have heard an r/b record from him with any resemblance of say, “Burn” or “Confessions” but maybe we the fans just need to get over it? I don’t know, but I need something to appease me right now…but nonetheless I’m sure Scream will become #1. Enjoy the video.

Buy: Usher-Looking For Myself
Buy: Usher-Scream



Usher drops his 3rd single from his upcoming album: Looking For Myself, with the help of Rick Ross entitled, Lemme See. The new album is slated to be released 6/12. It sounds as if this new album will be more versatile than ever.

Cop his latest singles, Scream and Climax right now on Itunes.



Usher drops another single from his upcoming album, Looking For Myself, called Scream. The new single is a drastic contrast from his current hit single, Climax. The pop, techno styled song let’s me know that this album has a vibe that is reminding me of Raymond vs Raymond. Now although I loved OMG featuring Will I Am, I hope that there are more songs with that Climax vibe. The new album is slated to hit stores 6/12/12.

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