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 Finally! Tyga dropped his visual for his 2nd single off of his latest album, Hotel California, called: For The Road featuring Chris Brown. The first time I heard this song, I had to have it. Tyga definitely has grown on me as a rapper, and I would love to see him takeover the spot Bow Wow left vacant (you know the one that speaks to the ladies..well I guess I should say that LL Cool J paved the way for). Chris Brown however, just does it ALL for me on this joint. The lyrics, and that high note..whew! Forget what you heard on the Billboard Music Awards, we know Breezy can sing. The only thing that would make this video #1 on 106&Park until they have to retire it is if Rihanna & Chyna made an appearance in the video. Now I don’t know how much getting Rihanna to appear would have, but tell me you wouldn’t be raping the repeat button? Hey at least Chyna, I mean it’s her man video (could have had those 2 set up in a room talking about the fellas..or something lol). Heck or at least someone we knew…the random chicks just don’t bring the full appeal to the where you have to watch it repeatedly. Hey I’m thinking about what sells right now. And kudos to Chris Brown who has embraced the spirit of Michael Jackson..and it’s coming out in every performance.



Tyga dropped another joint from his soon to be released 2nd album: Hotel California. Tupac legacy lives on, as Tyga grabs a verse from Pac to put on his joint: Hit Em Up, which the rapper had a song titled the same. Adding in Jadakiss on this joint only makes it hit harder. Check it out.



Tyga just dropped the next single from his upcoming album: Hotel California called-F*ck For The Road which features rnb’s hot boy, Chris Brown. Check it out.

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