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The 2008-2009 Lakers

The way I see this upcoming season is another winner. Those close games we lost last season will be won by the Lakers. Having Andrew Bynum back in this line up, period, will CHANGE the way the Lakers play defense, and it will make them Boston-Like. Acutally with that interior defense bulking up…the guards defense will not look so vulnerable…until foul trouble comes into play.
But there is NO doubt that as long Ariza is healthy that he can be a viable back up at the SF position on both ends of the floor. For a 2nd rd pick, (43rd) overall, we have a “gem” in this guy. He has to just make that jumper consistently…and for the most part, for the time he got after coming back in WCF, it (the jumper) looks a lot better. To me that makes Walton very expendable.
I am definitely for the trade of Odom for Artest, and at the same time, if NOTHING happens I won’t be disappointed, mainly because, when Lamar does not have to BECOME a scorer…meaning when he can just go out and play his game…doing the intangibles, he is at his best. When Pau Gasol was having good scoring games, Lamar was close to triple doubles in those game, but if Pau struggles that put Lamar back into that position of Robin to Batman, and he struggles there. That should NOT be considered a weakness, because every player can’t be KOBE (the ability to adjust on the fly and be great)…lol. However for the money he makes…we need every FACET of his game to be successful.
Farmar has GOT to bulk up some more. He is getting pounded by the likes of Williams and Paul, and though Fisher is still a decent defender, he has to keep that jumper on point. We also have to have a pg who can deliver on point lobs into the lane, because I see a lot of dunks next season. If you go back and look at that youtube video I posted (incredible bynum) there was a dunk on there that bynum arm (the middle of his forearm) was above the rim, CRAZY! So someone besides Kobe has to continue to toss that thing up there.
Kobe, nuff said!

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Did the Lakers even offer Odom for Artest?

The Ron Artest Chronicles – Day 432

OK, maybe 432 is a slight exaggeration, but since we’re doomed to talk about Artest for the foreseeable future, let’s get this thing done.

A source who would know shared some scenario with HOOPSWORLD today, basically saying there is a lot of interest in Artest.

The Dallas Mavericks are offering basically the same thing they did last year – Brandon Bass and Jerry Stackhouse for Ron-Ron. Rick Carlisle would love to have Ron back in his locker room, but he’s not willing to part with Josh Howard to get it done. That likely means the Mavs don’t have a deal. Stackhouse is a great locker room guy and probably a future coach, but his health is a huge concern. Brandon Bass has huge upside and was an important part of the Mavs’ success last season, especially before the Kidd trade. But is he worth Artest? Maybe not.

The Lakers are, indeed, interested in Artest, but contrary to widespread rumors they have not yet made an offer. Not Lamar Odom, not anyone. They’re waiting to see what happens with Ronny Turiaf, after which we could see some movement on the LA front.

The Boston Celtics offered up a James Posey sign-and-trade to land Artest, but obviously that’s not going to happen. As HOOPSWORLD’s Jessica Camerato broke earlier today, Posey is now a New Orleans Hornet.

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